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Paperplanes Kids Sneakers PK7701

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  • Materialskin suede + mesh +EVA+RUBBER

[Paperplanes Kids Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Paperplanes Kids Sneakers PK7701

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The materials of luxurious skin suede and mesh maintain fresh feeling inside of the shoes. This comfortable and luxurious product is popular. This functional and active product with fresh design is paperplanes Kid’s representative model.

Order one size smaller
1. The Velcro and the integrated string band enable a child to wear the shoes and take them off without going through the tying process.
2. The premium mesh help the inside of shoes maintain fresh. Stylish color block!

Country of Origin : Korea

Measuring Guide for Baby’s Foot
This is how to measure the length (insole) of a baby’s foot. Please check the size to prevent errors. Place a paper under the standing child. Mark the ends on the paper. Measure the longitudinal length of the foot.
Warning! Different brands and designs have different sizes.
Carefully check your own size before purchase.
- Length of insole (Measured)
- Size / length of insole / weight
- Size Table for Kids’ Shoes


2014 paperplanes Kids New Product

  • Color: Orange, Navy, Grey, Red, Pink
  • Material : skin suede + mesh +EVA+RUBBER
  • Height : approximately 2cm
  • Width : approximately 8cm
  • Manufacturer: Korea / paperplanes
  • Size : 170mm/180mm/190mm/200mm/210mm/220mm(10mm increments)
    *Order one size smaller

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Paperplanes Kids Sneakers PK7701

Paperplanes Kids Sneakers PK7701

Paperplanes Kids Sneakers PK7701

Paperplanes Kids Sneakers PK7701